Saturday, December 31, 2016


Every year when its comes to end of the year. I will said times fly so fast. This year was different. But I still just a small girl who been called kila, shabeera, shebie, shabeb & others nickname what i trying to say that, i was happy for what happen to me this year. I felt blessed with what I have. I have family whose never stop make me laugh so hard. Well, sometimes problem hit, its okay! I know they loved me as much as i granted my life for them nobody in this world doesnt have problem, everyone have one, two or more that that. Like me, where to eat at this evening also a problem Now, i am in third year degree, senior in rotu, devil sister, faithful member, stranger. what i want to do in this year, i already do. I can said that my wishes for 2016 is accomplished! Yeahh 🙌🙌🙌 One of the biggest dream is----------------------- I want to be selected as one of the student for exchange student outbound. Checked☑ Frankly said, i love the memories there & hope in future, being a traveler again soon, perhaps in 2017. what`s next country? Hehehe. Every step while traveling, places, persons i met, things i saw,  different view, different lifestyle, the money that i invest for, raining or sunny day, awake or sleepy, scared or confidence. I am typically a person who have many question in mind. so many. Those things answer my weird question. I can said I am so obsessed with traveling.This new hobby so expensive yet more precious. I need to make a hard saving so, every year i can fly over the world. 

When I am getting older, i always lost my words to say. i pretend everyone can understand what i am talking about. what happen, i just keep itself. what hurt me, i just cry to let the anger out. Back then, i always offense for what others say about even they take as a jokes. But, if i keep being like that, i pretty sure, I NOT WHO I AM RIGHT NOW. As long as i true to myself, i already won. i think its enough. Actually nobody really cares, it just you, yourself. Through 2016, the person who I thought will never let me down is the reason  i easily give up. The person that I make most important, special in life just throw me away like a rubbish. I think that person need to consider that he should not underestimated my ability to throw away him too. I do not know whats hurt the most, being hurt or being broken apart. I really sure once I really-seriously to move on, i will never look back. Well, sometimes, people only appreciate once it gone, regret when realizes it so priceless to have someone who knows your worst, flaws but still think you re amazing. Take your time until the time up!

It is a longgggg time i left for drawing. I hope in 2017, i will start again draw, paint and typogrphy. and books. I really love the smell of books. Perhaps in 2017, the wishes can be true and smooth like this one, 2016. Most of the things, to the people who struggle with their faith and feel lost, I pray that you find your peace and that you never have to feel lost again. I hope that God heals whatever is hurting you. Whatever is causing all those precious tears to fall from your eyes; whatever is breaking your heart, if it’s stress, anxiety, pain, illness, sadness, worry, the loss of a loved one,  anything.
I pray that God heals all that is causing your distress and that He gives you something greater in return.

P/S: The prospects I can already see for myself in 2017 are exciting me ;)