Monday, December 28, 2015



Tahun paling byk dugaan. Ya Allah. Sorang demi sorang ahli keluarga pergi. Azmin, Kak kila rinduu aminn. Hmmmm. Mase tahu dy dah takde, Allah jeh tahu cmneh teruknye akue nanges. Sedangkan tgah taip neh puns dah nangis. Semoga Amin tenang kt sane ye dik. Kak Kila sies rindu Amin. Kadang kadang kt rumah tuh, Kak Kila terlupe, mcm nakk terpanggil Amin jeh, tapi Amin takde dah kt dunia. Al Fatihah.

Kat mne puns dalam dunia neh kau pergi, Home always be the best place ever. What the most surprised in 2015, baru akue tahu akue sanggup berkorban ape saje demi family. I thought I will care more about the guy I love since form4 but its surprised myself. Tyme tuh, akue takde pk pun sbnrnye nyawa akue dihujung tanduk jehh. Trust me, family is your strengths. Akue puns sangat bersyukur dpt big family yg sangat support gegile life akue. Even sbnrnye byk dugaan yg kami kena hadap dlm tahun ni, we still united. Gituuu. Happiness is not about how many money you have, how rich you are, its enough just be grateful what you have now because some people doesnt have happy fmily. Happy me.

Palapes. Mmg betul betul have a big impact on my life. Serious weh. Akue rase sebabkan ini laa kut akue segagah gini. Kahkahkah. Come on, join palapes! Experience yg kau akan dpt, takkan dpt kt memane. Sehari kau dlm palapes, dah ajar memacam tntang survival& friendship. Just kena bertahan jeh. Hee'.
Orang kate no pain no gain. Sure, makin besar makin byk bnde yg akan menyakitkan kau. Satu jeh nak ckp, hadap saje. Hahahahaha. Lpas tuh gelaklaa.

Trust is important. Once you lost my trust, you will never get back. Akue harap akue takkterlalu percaya dah kt orang. Basically, I believe generally people are born to be kind. Ok, dunia kan. Takde org baek jeh. After this, I will treat people just they way she/he treat me. Well. Give-take. Sbab manusia skrg semakin kejam, kau takboleh lembut. Tapi just be kind je ok. 

Whenever happy or terrible things happen, its blessing from Allah. Keep hope in Him. Never stop pray, He listen. Never ever blame on Him when your wishes not be what you want. He knows better and only.-Dr Mahmudul Alam(2015). 

        Sometimes, making others happy can heal my pains. But, dont ever break someone's happiness just to fix yourself. Unless, you want to felt how to felt broken too . Hehe. Dont make fun of others life,we know nothing what they fighting for. Just be kind. Stay humble to the earth. I learned a lot. More than what I said in this post. What I hope in 2016. I still have my family besides. I have friends that stick by me. Im know, it gonna be tough than this year, so, I hope Im still strong and more stronger to face it. I hope I doesn't know what is giving up but just keep going. I hope whenever or whatever stuck me, I dont hold my tear back but let it down on my face. Let it go and start all over again. I hope what I dream, what I plan to do in 2016 will be come true. Most of the memories in 2015 will stay memories but leaved a big impact on me. 2015 taught to be better me. Thanks who still stay with me. I'm really appreciate.